Ayokunnu Are

Ayokunnu Are is an private investor and financier based in Toronto, Canada.

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International Financier Ayokunnu Are offers some of the most inclusive wealth-management strategies in the world, earning him a reputation as one of the best wealth managers in Canada. Enabled with a ferocious intuition and natural understanding of global markets, Ayokunnu Are stands out as a top Investment Consultant in America and abroad.

Through his individualized approach to analysis,  Ayokunnu Are utilizes over 20 years of international wealth-management experience.

In addition to providing valuable insight to his company, MMI, Ayokunnu Are has spent the past two decades working on international projects in Africa and North America. As a result, in 1999, Ayokunnu significantly broadened his services to international clients involved in private banking, insurance and other financial services. Since then, Ayokunnu Are has consulted with several international clients ranging from investment advice, estate, retirement and project financing in addition to wealth management and corporate recapitalization projects.

Ayokunnu Are | Toronto, Canada

Ayokunnu Are was born in Nigeria when the country’s economy was booming. Ayokunnu’s parents sent him to the United States for his education, where he became fascinated with the financial world.  Ayokunnu Are attended the University of Michigan where he received a Masters in Public Administration. He worked at Prudential Insurance briefly upon graduating, but then established his own global strategic advisory and consultancy firm 1987, Money Managers International (MMI) Asset Management Group, of which he presently resides as President.

International Financier

Ayokunnu Are has a variety of transactional experience in a wide array of world wide fiscal pursuits. These include derivative financial products, fixed-income, global equities, and in North America and Africa.  He has a strong network of affiliates. These include banks such as Allstate Financial Services LLC, Prudential Financial,  RBC Life, National Community Foundation, Manulife Investments, and Walton Capital Management.

With this experience, Mr. Are is able to provide comprehensive wealth-management strategies in the US marketplace to life insurance agents and brokers, in addition to the Chinese marketplace in both China and Canada.


Money Managers International

Money Managers International has become a recognized authority on MGA mergers and acquisitions.  It also is available as a source providing business loans for independent insurance agents and brokers seeking capital for business expansion and other operational goals. MMI’s services include charitable fund raising, corporate recapitalization, succession planning, business development, estate and retirement planning in addition to project financing.

Ayokunnu Are is a leader in understanding the economy and making it work for his clients.  He believes that international investing is more and more essential as markets become more fluid. He also asserts that the most basic education, in addition to careers and health, should be an education about money, and Ayokunnu is there to guide people through such questions that arise.

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